Established in 2002, we are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Herbal Medicines & Food Supplements and Nutrition Division.

We are an ISO 9001-2000 & GMP certified company; we maintain the highest quality standards and hygienic conditions to match highest quality and excellence. Realizing the demand of our natural products, we have identified the efficacies of herbs for emerging needs of pharmaceuticals fields. As a professionally managed company, our main objective is to be recognized as a company that constantly delivers research based natural products to improve the quality of life and standards of living.

Natural Herbs, a pioneer in phyto-pharmaceuticals and neutraceuticals is today credited with integrating scientific approach to search medicines and health supplements ensuring purity, safety and affordability. We will become the most admired Vitamins and Fine chemicals company in India by: Achieving Leadership in the domestic market. Natural Herbs and Formulations has been manufacturing and selling the most important micronutrient –Vitamin A from last 5 years The plant is running professionally and is meeting with our clients requirement totally.

Micronutrient fortification of processed foods has been successfully implemented in various developed and developing countries in the world and is being regularly practiced over decades on either voluntary or mandatory basis. In India too, micronutrient fortification was introduced decades ago through mandatory fortification of Vanaspati, and today the awareness about importance of fortification of foods with micronutrients like Vitamin A, iron is growing and the strategies are being regularly discussed at various seminars and other fora.( Scientific meets)

As you know each year about 200,000 children in India become blind due to Vitamin A deficiency! Furthermore, deficiency of Vitamin D leads to rickets in children and acute bone loss in adults causing life threatening emergencies.

Oils and fats, along with carbohydrates and proteins are major components of the human diet. Oils provide energy, fat soluble vitamins (vitamins A and D), and essential fatty acids that are required for proper growth and development. Observing such prevalence of malnutrition, in November 1952, the Ghee Adulteration Committee of the Government of India recommended that Vanaspati should be fortified with Vitamin A and D in order to increase its nutritive value. A year later legislation (SRO 2103) was put in force making it mandatory to use Vitamin A & D for the fortification of Vanaspati.

Mandatory Fortification of Margarine with Vitamin A & D

Belgium 22,500-27,000 2,500-3,000
Brazil 15,000-50,000 500-2,000
Canada ≥33,000 ≥5,300
Chile 30,000 3,000
Columbia 3,180-7,950 480-1,200
Denmark 25,200
Ecuador 20,000-30,000 2,000-4,000
El Salvador 15,000
Guatemala 15,000-50,000
Honduras 35,000 1,500
India ≥30,000
Indonesia 25,000-35,000 2,500-3,500
Malaysia 25,000-35,000 2,500-3,500
Mexico 20,000 2,000
Netherlands ≥ 20,000 ≥3,000
Panama 20,000 1,500
Peru 30,000 3,000
Potugal 18,000
Singapore ≥28,300 ≥2,200
Sweden ≥30,000 ≥3,000
Taiwan ≥45,000
Turkey 20,000 1,000
U.S.A 33,000 2,080
UK 24,000-30,000 2,800-3,520
Source: Raunhardt, O and A Bowley, Mandatory Food Enrichment. Nutriview. Supplement to 1/1996 isuue.

Product Presentation: 100 ml and 1 ltr HDPE Bottle.

Natural Herbs, aims to build a differentiated and a profitable pharmaceutical business with a dominant market share in each segment in which it operates. It has manufacturing plant in, Vill. Mandawar, Dehradun Road, Roorkee, Distt. Haridwar (Uttarakhand), India. and a presence at the Head office in Dehradun.
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