N-Methionine Advance Synthetic Methionine Replacer
N-Choline Synthetic Choline Chloride replacer
N-Choline DS Synthetic Choline Chloride replacer
N-Lysine Synthetic Lysine replacer
Livgrow Natural & Unique formulation for liver disorder
Bio-tox Advance New Generation Toxin Binder with Growth Promoter
Boon Natural Growth Promoter
Respomint Unique Herbal Tonic with Essential Oils for Respiratory Diseases
Diareena Strongest Weapon against Coccidiosis
Libido-On Extra Powerful Libido Enhancer
Natural-C For the effective protection against heat stroke and related problems
Natural-E For the protection against Encephalomalacia, Exudative diathesis and Muscular dystrophy
CRD Check Effective Remedy against Respiratory Disorders
Immu-100 Powerful Immunity Booster
Calmin Herbo-Mineral panacea for Calcium, Phosphorus & Vitamin D3 supplement
Nephcure For the treatment of kidney related problems
KC Vet An ideal tonic for poultry
Electrol-C Superior rehydration drink with benefits of probiotics
Gut On A perfect remedy for gut health
Hi-Tone Vitamin Complex tonic with Selenium
Vitaplus-A Vitamin A supplement for your chicken health
Vitaron All rounder chicken health tonic
Renagest The Rescue Ration
RenaCal-P Calcium Phosphorus and Vitamin supplement
RenaTox Toxin Binder
RenaCal-P DLS
RenaLiv The New Generation Performance Enhanching System
Duavis Vet Growth Promoter and Immune-stimulant


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