Effective herbal formulation effective in all types of bloat

Bloat is amongst the most dangerous manifestations of digestive disorders in case of ruminants which may vary in severity from mild digestive disturbance to fatal outcome. The herbal mix present in this formulation maintains ruminal pH, effectively relieves ruminal acidosis, prevents excess fermentation and effectively works against bloat.


Dosage and Usage
Cow, Buffalo, Horse:                                     100 gm powder or 100 ml liquid
Calves, Colts, Heifer:                                     40 gm powder or 40 ml liquid
Sheep and goat:                                              25 gm powder or 25 ml liquid
Administer at 4-6 hourly interval by oral or intra-ruminal route
In acute and sub-acute bloat first two doses may be administered at one hour
Interval with subsequent doses at 4-6 hours interval

Product presentation
100 gm Polyester pouch and 100 ml PET bottle