Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR) Initiatives

NHF always believes in giving back to the society what it takes from it. Mr. S.S. Pundir the Chairman and CEO of the company is himself a renowned social worker in the Saharanpur area and is actively involved in Charity, Social care to many who are in need.
Below is the profile of our CSR activities which we are involved in from time to time.

  • 2002 to till date: Employed poor people from the Saharanpur villages into our manufacturing facilities as factory laborers.
  • 2004 to till date: Educating farmers and workers in the following areas; Village Paniyala, Roorkee, Village Landhora, Roorkee, Village Musail, Saharanpur, Village Randol, Saharanpur, Village Dakhodi, Muzzafarnagar on how to take care of your animals, look after their daily hygiene and how to prevent the animals against viral and bacterial diseases.
  • 2010: NHF took a pledge to adopt Bhojawala village in Saharanpur (District of Uttar Pradesh) for reforming the life of poor widows and presenting them with a pension of rupees 2000 per month.