Liver Stimulator


For fishes, prawns and shrimps and other aqua species. Aqua liv is a complete liver tonic. Aqua liv defense against metabolic poisoning is carried out by liver. The liver peforms all the major biochemical reaction in fishes, prawns and shrimps. Aqua liv helps in regeneration of liver cells and increase their resistance power.


  • Aqua liv stimulates liver to function well and to produce maximum health benefits to fish, prawns and shrimps etc.
  • Aqua liv increases feed conversion rate and decrease production coast.
  • Aqua liv is immunomodulator, and increases the resistance power in fish, prawns and shrimps etc.
  • Aqua liv improves appetite, digestion, assimilation, absorption, body weight and strength.

Aqua liv mix well with feed.
500gm / ton or as advised by a fish consultant.


100gm & 1 Kg.
Stick Plus

Sticker for pelled feed


Stick plus is a unique natural binding agent and it contains natural protein based feed attractants which ensure smooth consumption and administered powders with pelleted feed for fish, prawns and shrimps. The properties of Stick plus does not affected with different water and pond condition such as varying pH, temperature and salinities Stick plus blends easily with firm grip with all powder formulations, controlling their bio-availibility and preventing wastage.


  • Stick plus controls the activity and potency of administered power formulations at optimum levels, as it does not allow their dispersion with water.
  • Stick plus helps to promote growth and improve feed conversion efficiency
  • Its provide most efficient binding with pelleted feed or optimum bio- availability.
  • Stick plus is completely safe and eco-friendly and it does not cause pollution or any deterioration in quality of water due to its high stability in water.


Take the required quantity of powder formulation and mix with stick plus to form a gel/ paste and apply the same on feed pellets, shade dry and broadcast. 20 ml to 30 ml of stick plus is recommended per kg of pellet feed or as advised by the aquaculture consultant.


Perfect natural zeolilite


Zee plus is a perfect natural zeolilite for improving pond water quality in the aqua farming. It contains aqua grade pure zeolite fortifie oxygen releasers, natural gas absorbants and plankton promoters in appropriate quantities. It is derived from natural inorganic salts of   calcium, potassium,silicon etc. with unique spongy characteristics and high binding capacity.  The undigested feed, excreta, dead and decaying organic matters sattle down at the bottom of the pond. This leads to poor pond bottom and water quality.These organic matters   release toxic gases like ammnia, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide etc. causing adverse effect on growth, health and livability. For the formation of ammonia from proteins, oxygen is consumed and thus dissolved oxygen in the pond is reduced. Methane is directly harmful to aqua species, which deteriorates the water ph and quality. It is essential to reduce the levels of these toxic substances to minimize growth depression, disease incidence and mortality in fish, prawns and shrimps.
Zee plus enables highest adsorption and absorption of polluting toxic gases such as ammonia, hydrogen sulphide,
sulphurdioxide etc. in the pond through its high cation exchange capacity (CEC), even in saline water and thus provides a healthy environment for fish, prawns, and shrimps. Zee plus captures cationic nutrients an control their rapid oxidation by bacteria. Zee plus enhance water quality by maintaining pond water ph by absorbing sodium ions. Zee plus improves retention of food in the gut and increases absorption of nutrients and improving FCR. Zeeplus is also play a very important role in case of ammonia, it reduces excretion of ammonia into the pond. Zeeplus is environmental friendly and cost effective for aqua farming.


  • It absorbs toxic gases like ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide, methane etc.
  • To reduce the level of BOD, COD, toxic gases and stress and to increase the level of dissolved oxygen.
  • It provides sufficient nutrients to plankton growth and develop required level ofplankton.
  • To increase disease resistance in prawn & fish culture by providing healthy atmosphere.
  • To maintain growth, FCR, livability and immuno-competence.

For pond preparation      :   25-50 kg / acre
For water treatment         :   20-40 kg / acre
For culture period            :   10-25 gm / acre

Repeat every 20-30 days depending on the condition of the pond or advised by the Aquaculture consultant.


5 & 25 kg.
Natura Biotic

Herbal Antibiotic


Aquabotic is a herbal antimicrobial growth promoter and performance enhancer for fishes, prawns and shrimps. Aquqbiotic  is  an  effective  alternative  to  antibiotic  growth  promoters  and  brings  significant  improvement  in  aqua performance. Which acts by restricting the growth of intestinal pathogens eg. E.coli, Vibrio sp., Salmonella etc.
Aqua biotic contains  natural oligosaccharides, which act as prebiotics to augment the population of beneficial microflora in the gut and to increase the growth and multiplication of helpful lactobacilli. Antibiotic growth promoters have been major components on aqua culture nutrition that help to reduce the level of pathogenic microbial population in the gut, prevent loss of dietry energy and improve production performance.
Now a days a serious problem in concern, the use of antibiotic growth promoters for aqua culture as use of any antibiotic over a period of time have the potential to create a pool of antibiotic resistant bacterial genes in the environment, allowing the pathogenic and non- pathogenic organisms to develop into supebugs causing direct or indirect human health hazards. A ban on usage of antibiotic growth promoters by marine products export development authority (MPEDA) and most of the countries importing aquaculture products has intensified the challenges of aqua farming.
Since the action of aquabiotic is structural rather than at nuclear level , it controls pathogenic organisms more efficiently without resistant development. Directly acting phytocomponents of aquabiotic are fully biodegradable are completely metabolized leaving no residues in the eco-climate.
Aquabiotic can be safely used as feed supplement to maintain optimum intake, digesion, absorption and utilization of feed in aquaculture by limiting the level of pathogenic gut organisms and to simultaneously improve growth, FCR, production performance with reduced incidence of infections and mortality.


  • It can be used as to improve growth, feed conversion efficiency and body weight gain.
  • To reduce incidence of infections and mortality.
  • To control pathogenic organisms without resistant development.
  • Use in the prevention of enteric bacterial disease.
  • To improve quality of aqua products.
  • Does not cause any stress or interference with growth while functioning.

Fishes :                           1 gm / kg of feed. Prawns and shrimps :  2-3 gm / kg of feed.

The feed inclusion rate may be doubled in challenging farm condition.

Stress Reliever


Relaxon is naturally developed herbal feed supplement. Prawns and shrimps are more susceptible to stress than any other animals  because  of  a  great  dependence  upon  their  surrounding  environment  Stress  disturbs  the  normal  physiological equilibrium or homeostasis of the prawns by forcing a reallocation of energy within its system. Stress cause oxidative damage to cells and higher release of cortisol in blood. Cortisol, which inturn is carried by the blood to all the cells in the body. Stress adversely affects the production performance, reproductive efficiency and survival of aquatic species.
Stress drains metabolic energy that would otherwise be utilized for maintaining normal body functions such as growth, digestion, disease resistance and reproduction etc.
Relaxon increases the adaptability of the body against stress by helping to regulate the release of cortisol.
Cortisol promotes the formation of glucose a fuel needed for nerve and muscle activity by breaking down fats and protrins to cope up with the stress. In the long run the increased use of proteins to make the fuel may be seriously damaging because proteins are needed for manufacture of new cells to maintain regular growth. The reduction in growth rate is associated with increased protein breakdown due to excess cortisol.
The inhibitory action of cortisol on the formation of the infection fighting proteins called antibodies together with shrinkage of tissues which manufactureWBC’s seriously impair the immune system of the body. The antioxidant action of relaxon spare the release the corticosteroids and thus maintain immune competence, normal body defense and energy reserves. Universal antioxidant action of relaxon prevents oxidative damage in aqueous as well as lipid phase in extracellular and intracellular spaces and cell membrane as well.


  • Relaxon improves disease resistance and value of the feed.
  • Relieves the prawns and shrimps free from stress caused routinely.
  • Prevention of stress due to stocking density, change in whether, accumulation of gases in the pond bottom, toxic chemicals etc.
  • Before and after sapling to reduce mortality due to stress.

Fishes                        :        1 gm / kg of feed.
Prawns and Shrimps   :                                       2-3 gm /kg of feed.


200 & 500 gm.

Immunity Booster


Immunity defines as a state or quality of being resistant (immune), either by previous exposer (Adaptive immunity) or as inherent trait (Innate immunity) constant stress in aqua species results in depletion of body protein due to excessive corticosteroid secretion leading to poor growth, weight gain, feed conversion, lagging performance, poor general resistance and immunity and ultimately resulting in severe economic loss to the aqua farmers.


  • Immune- 100 provide both humoral and cell mediated immunity in prawns, fishes and shrimps.
  • Immune-100 regularizes plasma corticosteroid level and thus prevent excessive protein catabolism in fishe, prawns and shrimps.
  • Immune-100 minimizes the depletion of ascorbic acid in aqua species.
  • Immune-100 has positive effect of weight gains,better FCR. And livability.

1 gm /100 ml per day.


10 gms, 100 gms, 1 kg.
Natural-C Aqua

Herbal Vitamin-C


Natural- C Aqua developed after a long research and experiments using many herbs with rich source of vitamin- C. Natural- C Aqua is a natural form of vitamin- C with many antioxidants which is very useful for fish, prawns and shrimps. Natural-C Aqua increases antistress properties in the aqua species. As compare to the synthetic vitamin-C, Natural-C aqua live active for long time in the body of fish, prawns and shrimps. Natural-C Aqua helps in improving growth, feed conversion efficiency and production. Natural-C Aqua increases the antioxidant level of the body in fish, prawns and shrimps. Natural-C Aqua comparatively more stable and completely absorbed than synthetic vitamin-C.


  • Useful in maintaining physiological functions with increased weight gain, better FCR and production in fish, prawns and shrimps.
  • Natural-C Aqua helps to optimize metabolic rate which leads to improvement in feed intake in aqua species.
  • It enhances antioxidant level fishes, prawns and shrimps.
  • It increases antistress properties in the aqua species.
  • To improve quality of aqua products.

Catla, Rohu, Mrigal and other fish            : 1 gm / kg of feed.
Shrimps, prawns, Cat- fish             : 2 gm / kg of feed.

Natural-C Aqua should be mixed with water to make a paste which should then be thoroughly mixed with the feed and after drying given to the fish, prawns and shrimps.


1 kg pack.
Natural-C.E. Premix

Herbal Vitamin C and E


Natural C.E.premix is a mixture of natural form of Vitamin-C & Vitamin-E. Vitamin-C is water soluble, while Vitamin-E is fat soluble. In the production of natural C.E. premix used selected herbs which fulfill the requirement of Vitamin-C & E in fishes, prawns and other aqua species. Natural C.E. premix increases antistress properties in the aqua species. Synthetic Vitamin-C & Vitamin-E are mostly destroys when in the mixing of feed or water and in hot conditions. While natural C.E. vitamins present in natural C.E. premix do not destroy in mixing of feed or water and they live active for long time in the body of aqua species.due to the natural form of vitamins, fishes, prawns and shrimps adopt these easily& fastly. Natural
C.E. premix is very beneficial as compare to the synthetic vitamins. In the fishes, prawns etc natural C.E. premix helps in regulation of physical use of glucose & protein at high level and in right direction. Natural C.E. premix helps in the development of anti-stress properties & increase the antioxidant level of the body in fishes, prawns and shrimps.


  • Natural C.E. premix helps in improving growth, feed conversion efficiency and production.
  • Natural C.E. premix increases antistress properties in the aquaspecies.
  • It increases antioxidant level in fishes, prawns and shrimps etc.
  • To improve quality of aqua products.

Catla, Rohu, Mrigal and other fish  :            1 gm / kg feed.
Shrimps, Prawns, Cat-fish             :     2 gm / kg feed.

Natural C.E. should be mixed with sufficient quantity of fresh water to make a paste which should then be thoroughly mixed with the feed and after drying given to the fish, prawns & shrimps.


1 kg pack.

Natural animal feed supplement to effectively control the production and emission of ammonia


Ammonil is a natural animal feed supplement to effectively control the production and emission of ammonia and other noxious gases in fish, prawns, shrimps and other aqua species. Ammonia is a gas, which is very harmfull in aqua culture. Ammonia in gaseous form is primarily released from the gills of fish, prawns and shrimps as a metabolic waste from protein breakdown and from the lesser secondary sources such as decomposition of un-eaten feed and organic waste by bacterial actions. Ammonia is extremely toxic and its toxicity is occoured mainly due to its un-ionized form. Ammonia enters to the blood stream as a result of nitrogen metabolism containing high levels of ammonia which can cause both immediate and long term gill damages. Ammonia concentration is increased because of reduced algal population in the pond and due to reduced rate of assimilation of ammonia by plankton algae.High aquatic pH also severely account for the enhanced aqua concentration of ammonia.
.Due to the negative effect of ammonia fish usually become sluggish, often remain at the water surface as if gasping for air. Very serious effect of un-ionized ammonia are capable of killing fish over a few days starting at about 0.6 ppm. Chronic exposure to toxic
ammonia levels as low as 0.06 ppm can cause kidney damage, reduction in growth, brain malfunctioning and reduction in oxygen carrying capacity of fish. Since aquatic animals perform all their bodily functions in water, good water quality in aquaculture system should essentially be maintained, mainly in reference to ammonia concentration.


  • For minimizing the level of atmospheric and systemic ammonia and other noxious gasses.
  • It improves feed conversion rate, growth, survival and breeding performance.
  • It reduces BOD and COD.
  • It also improves oxygen carrying capacity of shrimps, prawns and fishes.
  • Ammonil improves water quality.


Shrimps, prawns and cat-fish               :     1-2 gm / kg
Catla, rohu, mrigal and other fish         :     of feed

Ammonill should be mixed with sufficient quantity of fresh water to make a paste which should then be thoroughly mixed with the feed. After drying the same may be broadcasted or administered as per practice at the fish / Aqua farm. To be giving regularly or as advised by the aquaculture consultant.


500 gm pack

Antiseptic and sterilizer


Herbodox -100 is the natural antiseptic and sterilizer. It posses strong antimicrobial action against gram positive and gram negative pathogenic bacteria and reduces the causative diseases in fish, prawns and shrimps. Herbodox-100 exhibits bactericidal action against the micro-organisms causing entric an systemic infections. Herbodox-100 is an unique, potent effective and powerful sterilizer. Herbodox-100 is extremely harmfull to bacteria, virus, fungi and protozoa and harmless to shrimps, prawns and fishes.


  • Herbodox-100 is very powerful and effective natural antiseptic having  bactericidal, anti protozoan action  and controls most of causative diseases of fish.
  • It helps to control  protozoan infections like mastigophora, trypanosomiasis, zoothammium, vorticella etc.
  • Herbodox-100 effectively kills all gram +ve and gram ve bacteria including E.coli, salmonella, pseudomonas                          & vibrio
  • It also controls fungal infection like fusarium, phythium etc.
  • It cures sweelen gills, red gills, tail roit, broken appendages in shrimps and prawns.
  • Herbodox-100 does not cause any stress or interference with growth while functioning.
  • Herbodox-100 does not get affected by organic matter, hardness of water, wide range of pH and varied salinity of water in culture ponds.

Shrimp, prawns and fish ponds: 1-2 litres /hac  (1 metre water depth) Dilute required quantity of Herbodox -100 in 100 litre of water and spray uniformly throughout the pond or as advised by the aquaculture consultant.


1 Litre bottle